Roz Tani:  Your Apartment - Residence - Estate Liquidator for Furniture, Furnishings, Objects d'Art, Jewelry, China, Sterling, Etc.
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Treating your loved one’s possessions with the attention and care they deserve.

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Proudly Serving:
New York City (NYC) & Manhattan, NY

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GracefulExits CARES .... Compassion, Attention, Respect, Expertise, Service

Proudly Serving
New York City - Manhattan

Do you & your family need to re-distribute personal possessions of a loved one?


I Specialize in Apartment - Residence - Estate Liquidation

Request specialized assistance in estate liquidation…cataloging inventory, setting up sales with ease by turning to GracefulExits of New York, NY.  As an apartment - estate liquidator, I help liquidate and/or downsize possessions in an efficient and financially responsible manner.  Working at a level appropriate for each family, Senior or estate, GracefulExits provides a full-service estate liquidation to bring a positive cash flow into the estate and to the family, heir(s).  Call today to schedule an appointment.

The First Step in Estate Liquidation
The process begins by accessing your household furnishings and content.  Being an antique dealer for over 25 years, I have knowledge of furniture, accessories, sterling, jewelry, etc. and offer various connections in the area for dealers, auctions, jewelry sales, and sale of other household belongings.  During your assessment, I inventory furnishings that may be sent to family and/or friends, sold, donated to charity for a tax deduction, or discarded.

Next, I bring in dealers to price items and bargain for the best possible price, as well as working with 3 of the largest auction houses in Manhattan.  When appropriate, all items are inventoried and/or photographed so you or your estate attorney knows the estimated value of each item.  A pictorial presentation may be provided with recommendations on what should be sold, auctioned, donated to charity or discarded.

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